Manage your private equity portfolio

As an investor, analyze the key indicators of each investment to control the realisation of the business plan.

Private equity funds and investment funds, manage all your holdings

Short term plan, strategic partnership with limited influence, dilution or not of the shareholding: private equity is a response to the growth rate expectations being faced by SMEs and ITEs. For investors, these operations require access to information and regular monitoring to anticipate the exit.

Pain point

  • What if the investment includes several types of intervention such as shares, bonds with share subscription warrants attached and bonds convertible into shares ?

The Deck response

  • The Agency service allows you to record all types of investments within a single file. Several tranches are then integrated into the file with their associated characteristics. In case of co-investment, you can give access to the file to your co-investors.

Problems of the Director of participations

  • How can we ensure that the company's business plan is carried out over time and that the required ESG criteria are met?

The Desk response

  • The Agency service allows you to record all the financial and extra-financial indicators to be monitored throughout the duration of the operation. Monitoring of EBITDA, annual turnover, ESG... Record the values that the counterparty must provide you with, in order to relaunch it automatically before each control.

Problems of the Director of participations

  • How to centralize the annual documentation provided by the main shareholder?

The Desk response

  • The Desk allows you to centralize, in a secure dataroom, the annual compliance elements of the file. Minutes of general meetings, revised business plans, investment committee decisions, auditor's report, etc.

Venture Capital & Investment Funds: How to manage your minority shareholding operations?

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Traceability of your entire portfolio to comply with the regulator's recommendations

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