Co-creation is in our DNA. Let's build the tools for the future of corporate financing together.

Inviting, collaborating, managing, tracking... The tool corporate financing needed.

In 2019, KLS was born from an observation: corporate finance experts need collaborative tools to work efficiently as a team, with their partners and clients. We created the solution that allows all players to communicate in real time and to share documentation in a secure environment.

Un designer de Kls mène un atelier de co-création avec un client pour mettre au point les fonctionnalités qui répondent vraiment à ses besoins.
Deux designers de l'équipe produit de Kls regardent un écran dans un moment de collaboration.
User-first. For real.

All of our features are tailored exactly to the needs of our users, and according to the specification of their expertise. We can confidently say so since we designed our solution hand in hand with our users. The Desk is the result of months of research, interviews, listening and testing with the best possible experts: you.

Monitoring and evolving to stay ahead of the game.

New regulations, new market trends, changes in the industry... the sector is moving fast, but following and anticipating these changes is part of our requirements to meet the needs of our users.

Dans une salle de conférence, un groupe de personnes assistent à une formation professionnelle.
Passion as a driving force

If we cultivate the diversity of our backgrounds and expertise, what brings us together is our passion for challenges, our enthusiasm for tech and our efforts to continuously challenge the relevance of our solutions.

Deux employés de Kls jouent au billard dans une salle lumineuse et moderne pendant leur pause déjeuner.
L'équipe de Kls collaborent joyeusement dans leur bureau lumineux et moderne
Plusieurs employés de Kls discutent autour d'une table de réunion avec entrain et bonne humeur.

Product owners, CSM, Developers, Account Managers, Designers... Profiles are as varied as the personalities that make up the team!

The Kls team is organised into 3 areas of expertise that work hand in hand on a daily basis.