Monitor debt ratios and financial security guarantees

Easily manage counterparty risk

The regulator is asking banks for increased controls on all their leveraged transactions (LBO and FSA) and on loans incorporating financial security guarantees. A real ordeal for the banks!

Thousands of files to follow and few solutions to facilitate these controls

Leveraged transactions require annual monitoring of debt ratios in order to measure their evolution and the relating counterparty risk over time. Most corporate loans also benefit from financial security guarantees provided by the borrower. How can these requirements be collected, controlled and tracked?

Pain point

  • How to ensure proper collection of debt ratios in a leveraged financing transaction?

The Desk response

  • Give the Borrower direct access to the ratios that must be provided. He is automatically alerted before each due date to post the ratios’ values with a certificate from the auditor. The values are then traced so you can measure their evolution and consequently the borrower risk over time.

Pain point

  • How to monitor the valuation of financial security guarantees associated with corporate loans ?

The Desk response

  • The Agency service allows you to register financial securities provided by the borrower, such as pledging of securities. Record all the elements the counterparty must provide in order to automatically notify him for each period of control. The controls are then archived to produce an annual reporting of the portfolio.

Pain point

  • How to ensure the constant validity of the guarantees included in the loan?

The Desk response

  • Automatically be alerted when the guarantee is close to its renewal date limit. Anticipate any declaration to be made to the clerk's office to ensure a constant validity in the event of default. Helded stock, pledging of shares, ... all natures are registrable.

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The Desk, a unique solution and many benefits :

A collaborative space for your entity and the borrower

Tools so that all businesses, front, middle and back offices can work together

A single space to manage all the client's financing and investment monitoring

A traceability for each corporate loan (public and private) to be in compliance with the recommendations of the regulator.