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Easily operate with the issuer

As the the Agent in charge of all the co-investors' interests, you ensure that the Issuer has handed over his contractual obligations and sent his financial and non-financial covenants.

Pain point

  • How do you secure all the private debt transactions in your portfolio on which your entity as endorsed the Agency role ?

The Desk response

  • Give the Issuer direct access to the financial covenants and ESG criteria he must provide. The issuer is automatically alerted for each deadline to post the documents and/or expected results. After control, the Agent can share the results with the investors so they can consult them from their own interface.

Pain point

  • How to centralize all your investments activities in one place ; being the Agent of the operation or a simple co-investor ?

The Desk response

  • All the Desk tools are built to allow your teams to move quickly from one activity to another, while maintaining the confidentiality necessary for these operations. Your front and middle teams can be equipped with the same tools for immediate cost savings and better collaboration.

Pain point

  • How can you trace and secure the transactions on which your are a simple co-investor, if the Agent does not use the Kls Desk?

The Desk response

  • The Desk now allows you to perform your own debt tracking as a follower in order to historize the controlled covenants, documentation and the structure of the financing. All your transactions can be traced in one single tool in case of unannounced audit.

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The Desk, a unique solution and many benefits :

A collaborative space to easily work with the Issuer and the investors of the operation

Tools to help front, middle and back offices to easily work together

One place to manage all private debts with covenants ans ESG tracking, whether you are the Agent or a simple investor

Traceability of all the operations to comply with risk management recommendations