Support the financing of local businesses

Distribute counter guaranteed loans programs (EIF funds) 

European banks can take advantage of various European institutions to secure their credit lines, for example with the EIB (European Investment Bank), or the EIF (European Investment Fund).

Pain point

  • How to make the required eligibility criteria of the guarantee simple for advisors during the granting of the loan ?

The Desk response

  • Advisors have access to a space where they can verify the borrower's eligibility and store the eligibility documents required for granting.

Pain point

  • How to centralize the consumption of all the distributors of the same banking group to generate a reliable report to the counter guarantor ?

The Desk response

  • The credit management team can access all the eligible granted loans in the Kls Desk.They can then integrate credits-related events to generate reliable reports.

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The Desk, a unique solution and many benefits :

A collaborative space to work easily with the credit management team and all the distributors

Tools so that all businesses, front, middle and back offices can work together

A single space to manage all the eligibility process

Traceability for each provided loan to automatically generate reliable reporting to the counter guarantor