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Meet the Desk, your team’s new collaborative space

Your financing tools for banks, consulting experts, investment funds and their ecosystem, all in one place.

Debt Syndication

Organise financing operations in collaboration with your partners

Debt Tracking

Collaboratively manage the monitoring of bilateral and/or syndicated debt

Debt Eligibility

Distribute funding programs based on eligibility criteria

1 Desk, 3 tools, 6000+ users and many use cases

Debt Tracking

Manage loans agency as the Agent bank

Debt Tracking

Managing SLL (sustainability linked loans) & ESG covenants

Debt Syndication

Arrange syndicated loan and silent sub-participation

Debt Eligibility

Distribute counter guaranteed loans programs (EIF for example)

Debt Tracking

Monitoring the covenants and guarantees of a bilateral loan

Debt Eligibility

Distribute the European Investment Bank loans as an intermediary financial institution

Debt Tracking

Monitor and manage a private debt transaction

Debt Syndication

Sell debt on the secondary market

Collaborate beyond your organisation

Bring all your collaborators, customers, partners and business experts together and manage all your operations in one place, seamlessly.

kls users

A personalized assistance to take your team into the future of corporate financing.

Kls achievement

5,5 Mds €

Syndicated funding


Banques utilisatrices lenders as users

85 Mds €

Credit monitored



Structured Finances Manager

"It is important for us to implement Kls desk to have a common and shared tool that gives us reliability, traceability and saves us time"

A community of experts, moving corporate financing forward.

Becoming a user of the Desk means joining a community of experts sharing best practices and industry updates.

In case you need more reasons to leave your spread sheets behind, here are 4 of them:

Decisions and documents that don't get lost in the shuffle

Within the Desk, you benefit from a secure platform in which key information is tracked, and a dataroom where everything is classified, historized and shared. Each employee has a personal interface and can collaborate with other team members.

A collaborative space with your partners and clients, so don't have to work in isolation anymore

Collaborate with your entire ecosystem (colleagues, clients and partners) all in one place. No more duplication, transfer errors or endless mail loops... Everything is transmitted to the platform, for instant follow-up and optimal collaboration.

Automation of all your important reminders, to limit your mental load

No more manual "reminders" in your agenda. Kls' tools, Debt Syndication and Debt Tracking, automatically generate important reminders for you. Deadline approaching, collect of covenants or renewal of financial security guarantee... Your client is alerted, and so are you!

A totally secure platform, to do your job with peace of mind

The Desk is a SaaS platform available 24 hours a day. Hosted in an ISO 27001 and SOC 2 certified cloud on servers located in the European Union, it also benefits from the reinforced security implemented by Kls teams.

In addition to our hosting provider's encryption mechanisms, we have set up a specific layer of encryption to achieve a level of security commensurate with your needs. This mechanism, entirely managed by Kls, is based on proven standards such as AES-256. Each document uploaded to the platform has its own encryption key, minimizing risks in the event of a key leak. To guard against any theoretical risk of unsolicited access by our host, we have taken other measures to reinforce the security of your data. For example, we use state-of-the-art servers that include certain encryption measures by default.


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