Simplify the management of ESG criteria with your borrowers

Quickly equip your teams with a tool to manage ESG criteria

Collecting and controlling ESG criteria, monitoring their impact on the credit margin and generating reliable reporting. ESG requirements have become a priority for banking institutions.

How can you easily ditribute ESG loans to your SME or ITE clients ?

The reality of these new offers requires a lot of process adaptation, while your teams lack resources and tools to manage them.

Pain point

  • How to trace the evolution of the extra-financial criteria of the contract with your borrower ?

The Desk response

  • Give the Borrower direct access to the ESG criteria he must provide (environmental, social and governance criteria).  He is automatically alerted for each deadline to post the documents and/or deliverables. The Agent bank can then check them and share them with the right people.

Pain point

  • How to track the loan margin impacts due to the values of extra-financial criteria?

The Desk response

  • The Desk allows traceability of all controls performed on ESG criteria. For each control, the Agent can activate an impact on the loan margin, inform the back office of any changes to be made, and notify the  financial partners if needed.

Pain point

  • How to identify the ESG criteria among all the covenants to be controlled on the same loan?

The Desk response

  • The Desk allows you to assign a category to each covenant to be controlled. It allows you to filter and report the ESG criteria of the operation. The Agent can also monitor guarantees/securities, financial covenants, documentation commitments and ESG criteria within the same file.

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The Desk, a unique solution and many benefits :

A collaborative space to easily work with the Borrower and the banking pool

Tools to help front, middle and back offices to easily work together

One space to manage all your bilateral or syndicated sustainability linked loans

Traceability of all operations containing ESG criteria to comply with banking and financial regulations