Syndicated loan, an efficient way to distribute corporate debt

Finance more, by syndicating debt with other banks

Constitute a banking pool quickly and/or propose a silent sub-participation within your own group

Pain point

  • How to strengthen your position as lead banker by financing more bilateral loans or arranging syndicated loans?

The Desk response

  • Get real time responses from the pool and the silent participants. After the closing, create a common debt tracking space with the Lenders and the Borrower to receive, monitor and share the required covenants and financial security guarantees.

Pain point

  • How to reduce your debt portfolio’s risk exposure by reselling shares of your downgrading loans? So you can finance new borrowers’ transactions

The Desk response

  • Using the Arrangement service, you can propose your shares to any kind participant (bank, private debt fund, insurer,...) who might look for these kind of trade. Just a few click to share the deal with your selected partner.

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The Desk, a unique solution and many benefits :

A collaborative space to work easily with the borrower and your co-partners

Tools so that all businesses, front, middle and back offices can work together

A single space to manage all your syndicated and bilateral loans

Traceability of your entire portfolio to comply with the regulator's recommendations